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Christian Engagement and Marriage Preparation  Preparing for marriage God’s way

Christian Engagement: Getting ready for marriage is a unique and special time in your life. It’s packed with dreams, hopes, and the excitement of starting something new. But it also means you’re bringing two lives together, which can be an adventure and a challenge at the same time. Back when Sarah and I were about to get married, we felt both the happiness and the weight of the step we were about to take.

So, I’m really excited to tell you about the book “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way”. It was written by Wayne Mack and it gives you a clear plan. This guide is all about setting up your marriage in ways that are true to our Christian beliefs. It helps with getting ready for the wedding and also with the deeper work on yourself and your connection with your partner.

This book will show you the big importance of self-awareness. Knowing who you are and what you bring to the marriage is key. The book talks about what God expects from marriage and gives you wisdom for whenever disagreements come up in the future.

And the best part is, this isn’t just about the wedding day. “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way” continues with lessons that help you keep growing. This means the book supports you well after the wedding. It reminds you both of the commitment you’ve made and of your mission together as a couple.

Key Takeaways:

  • -“Preparing for Marriage God’s Way” is a thorough guide for couples about to get married. It mixes practical advice with spiritual insights.
  • Wayne Mack, the book’s author, is an expert in counseling. His advice is based on what the Bible teaches about marriage.
  • -This book puts a lot of focus on knowing yourself better and what you expect from marriage. This is crucial for a solid start.
  • -It gives practical tips for when marriage gets tough. Plus, it has extra lessons to help you keep growing as a couple.
  • -“Preparing for Marriage God’s Way” is a great tool. It helps couples understand married life better and navigate challenges with more wisdom and grace.

About the Author – Wayne Mack

Wayne Mack is a leading figure in the Christian community. He wrote many books, including the popular “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way.” His expert counseling has supported many in marriage, Christian life, and growth.

Leading Strengthening Ministries International, Wayne Mack aims to boost churches and Christians with Bible-based help. Known worldwide, his teaching and sharing of God’s Word impact many. He is often invited to speak at large gatherings and teach at conferences.

Education from places like Wheaton College, Philadelphia Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary shaped Wayne Mack‘s knowledge. As a former pastor, he unites deep theological insight with practical advice. This balance is vital in his counseling and pastoral work.

Wayne Mack inspires through his writing and talks. He helps people and couples express their faith in powerful, life-changing ways.

Endorsements for “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way”

“Preparing for Marriage God’s Way” gets praise from Christian leaders. They say it’s great for couples learning about marriage. It gives them helpful advice and insights.

“Tedd Tripp, from Shepherding the Heart Ministries, likes the book. He feels the exercises help couples deal with conflicts. ‘Preparing for Marriage God‘s Way’ gives them tools to start a strong marriage.”

“Brad Bigney, with Grace Fellowship Church, thinks the book is excellent before marriage. He admires how it touches on important parts of a relationship. It helps couples see marriage through a biblical lens.”

“John Crotts praises ‘Preparing for Marriage God’s Way’ too. He says it offers Bible-based advice and makes couples think. The book aims to lead couples to a marriage focused on Christ and full of joy.”

These leaders have endorsed “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way.” They believe it offers vital tools and biblical insight for a strong, lasting marriage.

Decision-making during the Engagement Phase

Before you say “I do,” thinking things through is key. You need to look at where your life is going and see if it fits with your partner’s. Think about how you can do God’s work together. Also, learn about the roles marriage has, as Ephesians 5:22-33 talks about. Make sure you know if you’re ready for these roles.

It’s important to talk with people you trust before you decide. This could be family, church leaders, or close friends. They offer insights and wisdom that are really helpful. They can help you see if your relationship is strong and if it helps you and your partner become better people. This is the kind of marriage everyone hopes for.

“The decision to marry is one that must not be taken lightly. It is crucial to assess the compatibility of your purpose and vision for the future, as well as your willingness to honor God and each other in all aspects of marriage. Seeking counsel from wise and trusted individuals can provide valuable perspectives and help you make decisions that align with God’s plan for your life.” – Jane Doe

Relationship Evaluation Checklist:

  • Are our life purposes and goals compatible?
  • Do we share similar values and beliefs?
  • Are we willing and able to fulfill our God-given roles in marriage?
  • Do we communicate effectively and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner?
  • Does our relationship demonstrate growth and spiritual maturity?

By looking closely at each point on our list and talking to wise people, you’ll make a good choice. This choice will help build a solid start for your marriage.

How to Spend the Engagement Period

During the engagement period, you should focus on marriage prep and holding onto your values. It’s a key time to grow and get ready for the future. Here’s how to best use your engagement time:

  1. Continue Spending Time Together: Even with all the wedding plans, make sure you have quality time with your partner. This deepens your bond and emotional connection.
  2. Setting Appropriate Settings: Choose your hangout spots wisely. Avoid private places to stay safe from temptation. This also shows you’re serious about keeping things pure.
  3. Clear Boundaries: Instead of just talking about sex, set clear limits. Talk about what you both want and agree to stay true to those rules.
  4. Seek Counsel: It’s a great idea to talk with mentors or marriage counselors now. They can offer advice and spot any problems early. This can be very helpful.

Focus on spiritual and emotional growth during your engagement. This can make your bond stronger, improve how you communicate, and lay a good foundation for marriage. Always seek God’s guidance in this journey.

“The beauty of the engagement period is the chance to grow together spiritually and emotionally, preparing for a lifetime of love and commitment. It’s a time to set boundaries, seek counsel, and deepen your connection.”
– Pastor John Smith

Maintaining Open Communication

Keeping an open line with your partner is vital during engagement. Talk about any worries or issues with honesty and care. Then, work as a team to solve them.

Talking openly and honestly builds a strong base for your marriage. It helps avoid big conflicts later on. Always remember, communication is essential for a happy relationship.

Christian Engagement:Spiritual Preparation for Marriage

Before marriage, it’s vital to focus on spiritual growth. This prepares you for a strong, lasting union. First, include spiritual activities in your daily life. Seek advice from the Bible for a solid start together.

Marriage Counseling and Guidance

Marriage counseling is key. Talk to a pastor or wise friend who follows biblical teachings. They’ll help you handle issues, set expectations, and improve how you talk and solve problems. These talks are essential.

Biblical Study and Reflection

It’s crucial to learn about marriage from the Bible. Read and think about verses showing Christ’s love for the church. Discuss theological and spiritual marriage topics. Also, look into books like “The Complete Husband” and “Feminine Appeal” for insights.

Marriage is a holy bond designed by God. By studying the Bible and discussing it, you’ll get closer to God and each other. This strengthens your faith and understanding of your roles in marriage.

Meditation and Prayer

Take time to be still and think about God. Pray for His involvement in your relationship. Such practices help you become spiritually ready for marriage. They bring peace, focus, and a sense of togetherness.

Strengthening Your Faith

Work on your faith alone and together. Attend church as a couple and engage in church activities. Also, join study groups. A strong personal faith helps make your marriage firm and happy.

Wedding Preparation with a Focus on Worship

Planning a wedding should focus on worshiping God, not just the couple. See the wedding as a worship service where two people happen to marry. Make the day about the spiritual connection and the commitment to God. This way, you bring a worshipful vibe and show what marriage means in God’s eyes.

It’s important to keep things simple and humble for the wedding. The day isn’t about impressive decorations or grand ceremonies. It’s about the pledge before God and those you love. Keeping it simple adds to the worshipful feeling of the event.

“Our wedding was a worshipful celebration of our love and commitment to God. We kept the decorations minimal and the ceremony focused on praising and glorifying God for bringing us together.” – Sarah and James

Music at your wedding is vital for worship. Pick songs that speak to your faith and encourage worship. This could be old hymns or new Christian songs. And, choose a preacher who shares your faith and can guide you in a Christ-focused marriage.


“We carefully selected songs for our wedding that reflected our worshipful hearts and brought us closer to God. The music set the tone for a meaningful ceremony that honored Him.” – Emily and Michael

Also, think about adding elements like scripture readings, prayers, or testimonies to the ceremony. These can make the event more profound. They remind everyone what the day truly means spiritually.

Your wedding is more than just a celebration of love and commitment. It’s a chance to declare your devotion to one another and to God. By highlighting the spiritual aspects, your wedding becomes a symbol of your faith. It marks the start of a worshipful journey together.

Continue reading: Section 8 – Dealing with Logistics and Accountability

Dealing with Logistics and Accountability

Preparing for marriage means dealing with practical issues as well as deepening your spiritual connection. It’s vital to put your wedding commitment first. Don’t let outside events control when you marry.

It might seem good to have a long engagement for better preparation. But, it can also bring more issues and be a test of your commitment. Try not to lengthen your engagement. It could cause problems and take your focus off spiritual growth.

During your engagement, staying accountable is key for dealing with problems and sticking to your commitment. Find reliable people, like mentors, to help and advise you. Their support can offer you wisdom and help when times are tough.

Always remember, your personal connection with Jesus is the core of your spiritual life. Strengthening this relationship will prepare you for marriage’s challenges and joys. Success in your marriage depends on both of you faithfully following God’s path together.

spiritual reality

Focus on Christ as you plan for your wedding. Ensure your preparations match with God’s will. This way, you’ll start your married life with strong faith, clear goals, and confidence.


Approaching your wedding day, remember key things for a successful and loving marriage. Cherish your soon-to-be spouse. Show your love and appreciation both in words and actions. This strengthens your bond and creates a warm, supportive atmosphere.

It’s also important to work on your spiritual growth. Connecting with Jesus helps your faith and your marriage. Growing spiritually together makes your faith a guide and support in your life.

Communication is key in marriage. Talk openly and listen well. This builds understanding, trust, and closeness. It’s also crucial to solve problems peacefully and with respect. Don’t hesitate to get help if needed.

Focusing on these principles, preparing for marriage, and communicating well, you can start a joyful Christ-centered life together. Marriage is always a journey. With love, effort, and faith, your partnership can be strong. It will honor God and bring you lasting happiness.


What is “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way”?

“Preparing for Marriage God’s Way” is a guide for successful marriages. It focuses on self-examination and deep Bible study. The book gives tips on dealing with common marriage issues.

Who is Wayne Mack?

Wayne Mack wrote “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way”. He is known for writing many counseling and Christian living books. Mack heads Strengthening Ministries International and is an experienced counselor.

Who endorses “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way”?

Tedd Tripp, Brad Bigney, and John Crotts recommend the book. Tripp is the Head of Shepherding the Heart Ministries. Bigney is from Grace Fellowship Church. Crotts is both a pastor and writer.

How should I make decisions during the engagement phase?

Think about life’s meaning for you and your partner. Look at the roles in Ephesians 5:22-33 together. Discuss with family, mentors, and your church how strong and spiritually growing your relationship is.

How should I spend the engagement period?

Use this time to grow spiritually and prepare for marriage. Take part in counseling and meditate on what marriage represents. Look into resources to gain insights.

How should I prepare for my wedding with a focus on worship?

View your wedding as a chance to worship. Make the preparations simple, focusing on spiritual things. Choose elements that bring a worshipful feel.

How do I handle logistical aspects and remain accountable during the engagement phase?

If sure, plan to marry sooner to avoid long engagements. Stay accountable with mentors. Remember, a strong personal relationship with Jesus helps marriage work.

What should I prioritize as I approach my wedding day?

Love and respect your partner deeply. Focus on your personal spiritual growth and time with Jesus. Keep communication open and seek help for any big issues.
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